Ways to Memorialize a Loved One After Death


When a love one dies, family, relatives and friends are often washed over by a wave of grief and sadness. Relieve sadness and grief by preserving their memory through different ways. Memorialize a loved one who has passed on as a thoughtful tribute that cherishes and celebrates their life. Here are several ideas to preserve beautiful memories.

If your departed loved one loves nature and green, consider planting a flowering shrub or a tree that he or she may have liked. If the deceased was cremated, you can opt to buy potted plants and give them to family members and close friends. This can also be away to thank others for their support during those difficult times and it also symbolizes the continuation of life.

Organize a get together on your loved one's birthday. Share happy stories and memories to celebrate the life of your loved one. Buy gifts that can be donated to a charitable institution which can be given to the needy. You as well as close family and friends can opt to participate in events or donate to a cause favored by your loved one. Utilize this special day to help others instead of focusing on sadness, grief or anger.

If your loved one has an affinity for literature and art, memorialize him or her by creating a photobook showcasing their original sketches, poems and favorite verses or songs. You can also include pictures from the person's early life up to the present moment. This will be a good alternative to traditional photo albums and can be shown to relatives when they visit. More information on Sythetic Diamonds is avalaible at  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthetic_diamond.

Honor your loved one with keepsake jewelry.  Some people opt to have the photos or names of their loved one engraved on jewelry as a memento. Cremation jewelry is also a popular choice and some purchase these special jewelry that can hold a lock of hair or a small amount of ashes that they can take anywhere they go. Heirloom pieces can also be modified to become keepsake cremation jewelry.  A new technology by Lonite AG can now use the ashes of your loved one to create a man-made LONITE  diamond which you can incorporate in your jewelry and bring with you anywhere you go. Lonita memorial diamonds may be more costly but definitely worth it.

Losing a loved one can be devastating, but memorializing a loved one can help the ones left behind to have a better healing process. You can learn the technical process of turning ashes into diamonds  here.