Wonderful Cremation Diamonds


If you've heard about cremation diamonds and wondered what they are, these are real diamonds that can also be any girl's best friend - except they can also be her boyfriend or her mom or even her pet. 

The idea first surfaced in Switzerland ten years ago, but since then, it has traveled everywhere around the globe. It is now available in at least 24 other countries, including America, which currently has one of the best markets. 

Cremation diamond technology makes use of cremated human remains subjected to extreme heat and pressure for weeks, mimicking the exact conditions of the earth's depths until the ashes are compressed into diamonds. Before that, the ash is first reduced to carbon. Once the LONITE memorial diamonds has formed, it will be set aside to cool off before being ground and cut to the desired shape. Some clients also request engravings, which are performed with a laser.

Diamonds take hundreds of millions of years to create in nature, but with this technology, the time can be reduced to months. A pound of ashes is enough to make a single diamond, but the longer the longer the process keeps going, the bigger the rough diamond becomes.

After entering a facility, human remains spend about three months undergoing different processes until they are cleared for exit as diamonds, either kept in a special box or presented as jewelry. The stones usually come out blue, and this is believed to be due to trace amounts of boron, an element that plays a role in bone formation, found in the human body. From time to time, a diamond may come out yellow, white or gray, although nobody could really give a solid explanation. In any case, each diamond that comes out of each person is always unique.

As expected, cremation diamonds are ordered by relatives of the deceased, but some people do place advance orders for themselves to be turned into diamonds when their time comes. The process costs around $5,000 to $22,000 - almost as much as certain funeral packages. People usually order cremation diamonds to be made into pendants or rings. For more facts and information cremation, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/cultures/funerals-burials/cremation/.

Many people believe that the color of the deceased person's eyes will be the color of their cremation diamonds, but that is not always true. In any case, as soon as the diamonds are brought home, the family always gets the feeling that their loved has returned to be with them again.

Cremation diamonds are indeed a great way to be reminded of a beloved who has passed away. And when made into jewelry, it can even be worn anytime and anywhere, as opposed to ashes in an urn, which would be best kept in a single spot. Read more here about the ashes to diamonds  cost and price list.